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Wholesome, Good News for Your Stressful Week

A group of students started the Joy4All project, which is a free hotline that plays happy messages, jokes, stories and advice given by kids.

The project was started to reach quarantined seniors, but people of all ages are encouraged to call 1-877-JOY-4ALL to have a listen or even add a message to the hotline. 

For the first time, all the dogs in a Florida animal shelter were adopted.

The Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control celebrated empty kennels after social distancing orders led to a spike in pet adoptions across the United States. 

John Krasinski planned a virtual prom for all the high schoolers who are missing their last school events because of social distancing.

John sent out virtual invitations, slow dances with him, and even photos from his own high school prom. 

Jon Bon Jovi joined a kindergarten Zoom class to teach students about music and songwriting.

The singer put lyrics written by the students into a song. He even called one of the kids a “rock-and-roll star” and stated “we wrote this one together, me and you buddy.”

A woman just married the man who saved her during the Las Vegas shooting.

Austin Monfort introduced himself to Chantal Melanson at a country bar, and they crossed paths once again at the festival. After the pair experienced the tragic shooting together, they fell in love and married a couple years later.

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