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What to Wear to a Job Interview


Graduation is just around the corner and so are job interviews, where your outfit can either make or break your interviewer’s decision on hiring you. While working for a professional business the last few years, I have definitely seen some fashion blunders that SHOULD NOT be repeated by anyone. SO many people don’t know how dress or what “professional” looks like so it’s important to stand out among the rest with a killer outfit that shows them just how put together and fabulous you are! Here are some tips about how to make a great first impression starting with your wardrobe choices:


-Make sure your nails look presentable (of course!). There is nothing worse than an old chipped manicure in neon pink to a company looking to hire a full-time, smart college graduate. It’s a small indicator that shows them you may have trouble keeping everything under control. Also avoid bright, flashy colors all together- its better to go with something neutral (read=professional).

-Wear heels (even if they are little ones). While this may seem a little ridiculous it makes all the difference in an outfit. Wearing heels will give you that extra push towards being someone who looks like they know their stuff. But make sure to avoid your six-inch going out heels- you shouldn’t look like your going clubbing as your first impression. Payless has some great, affordable options that would be perfect for an interview.


-Wearing is dress is definitely okay! Looking professional shouldn’t be restricted to just pants and button down tops so feel free to wear a dress or a skirt, especially because the weather is starting to warm up. Be careful about wearing a sleeveless dress or top though- professional business companies can be strict about their dress codes especially when you are dealing with customers and you should follow suit for your interview as well. Dresses or skirts should hit an inch or two above your knee anything shorter than that save for going out and anything longer needs to get hemmed. You don’t want to look like you are playing dress up in your mom’s clothes by wearing clothes that don’t fit!

-It is always better to be over dressed than underdressed. If you are unsure about how you think you should dress for a certain interview, always make sure to be more dressed up. This helps to show them that you are serious about the position and that you can be professional. Professional businesses definitely take note of things like whether or not you have your shirt tucked or having the wrong sized clothes and how that makes you stand out among the rest of their applicants.


-Wear natural makeup and have natural looking hair. Leave the raccoon eyes and red lipstick at home this time around and trying out a new hairstyle is definitely not a good idea. Think of meeting your grandmother for lunch- how would she want you to look? Natural always gives the best impression.

-Invest in a suit. No matter what, having a suit in your closet is always a great idea. It can be useful for many other things besides job interviews like formal business meetings, traveling for your job, or anything else that life throws at you where you need to look professional. Make sure you ask questions and have a sales associate help you when you are trying them on- they know what their clothes should look like on people and can really help you to find the right fit.


GO GET ‘EM! You will do amazing in that interview and above all make sure to smile and just be yourself- there is no reason why they WOULDN’T hire someone as awesome as you are! Sending a follow up email a day or two after the interview is always a great idea- thank them for their time and let them know you are waiting to hear back so they understand that you are still interested in the position you interviewed for. Once again going that extra step and making yourself stand out will make all the difference in your job hunt. Good Luck!






P.S. I got all of my pictures from Ann Taylor- they have really cute professional clothes!

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