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What to Gift Someone Who is Challenging to Shop For

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Full disclosure, I am a very picky person that likes very few things. If you have a friend like me and do not know what to buy, I have got the last-minute gifts they would love.

First up, ask yourself what this person enjoys and likes the most. Maybe it is their favorite show or artist. If they are a big fan of something, you cannot go wrong with buying them a themed present. My friend loves Harry Styles, and I found an Etsy shop that sells air fresheners with miniature Harry Styles records.

If they are not huge fans of any shows or artists, you can consider what other things they can enjoy. For example, I enjoy drinking coffee and making it at home. A perfect gift for a coffee lover can be a mug. I think the part I enjoy the most about making coffee is choosing one of my favorite mugs. Urban Outfitters has 10oz mugs that have one small design and are simple. If you are looking for a more unusual mug Urban Outfitters also has a peekaboo ceramic mug that is fun to use.

You also cannot go wrong with a gift set. Target currently has plenty of gift sets of scrunchies, skincare, and makeup. These curated picks are festive and have a variety. My personal favorite is the starface set that comes in a yellow bag with 80 star-shaped pimple patches. Makeup brands have also come out with their holiday gift sets, and they can be great for any friend that loves to do their makeup.

Something practical is also always a good bet. What I bought for one of my friends came from a random moment a few weeks prior. She was experiencing painful cramping and made a heating pad from a sock and rice. When I was gift shopping, I recalled this moment and bought her a frog heating pad. She loves frogs, and a heating pad is something she can use, so it makes a great gift. Buying your friends a practical gift can be great because it will be something they can use constantly.

If all else fails, you can buy them gift cards from their favorite shops or restaurants. Buying them anything with the pure intention of gifting them something they will enjoy will surely be an excellent gift.

Brenda is a fourth-year majoring in feminist studies and sociology and minoring in the professional writing program. She was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. If she is not studying or writing she is probably watching a romantic comedy.