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What It’s Like to Be a Girl at UCSB as Told by Sex and the City

It’s Wednesday, which means you and your besties are going out to celebrate Wine Wednesday…


All of your friends support your late-night love affair with Freebirds nachos.

Pile on the guac. That’s it…keep it coming.


Or, on some days, South Coast Deli’s hot sammies are the answer.


To avoid seeing your hook-up-gone-wrong from Fall Quarter, you take your exercise out of the Rec Cen and into the outdoors.


And, Facebook-stalking the hot environmental studies major in two of your classes can sometimes lead to an accidental profile picture “like.”


You regret staying up all night taking Buzzfeed quizzes when you have to get up for your 8 a.m. attendance-based lecture in the Chem building…

On the bright side, at least you know what your Harry Potter patronus would be.


Week 3 rolls around and you’re already behind, so you give up and call it a day.

Does reading Cosmo count as studying for Human Sex?


You can’t help but be extremely awkward when colliding with your old flame as he skateboards down the arbor.

*looks at phone and pretends to text*


Your friends have the same reaction whenever the heart-breaking frat boy texts you to “hang out and watch a movie.”


And staying in for girls night is ruined when you crave chili cheese fries and find out that your favorite I.V. restaurant doesn’t deliver after 10 p.m.


And, you realize girls in Isla Vista have more in common with New York girls than you think.

Cashier at Caje? Check. Oceanside DP? Check. Boyfriend? ……

Maya is currently a third year Communications major at UCSB and a San Francisco native. As an previous editorial intern for HC and current Campus Correspondent, Maya loves to write about her NOMtastic food endeavors and the laid back fashion and style of California. With an interest in magazine editorial writing and public relations, Maya plans to pursue these fields as she continues to add a little more spice to every Collegiate’s life!
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