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What I Learned About Working With My Mom

My mom was out of work for five months when she decided to start selling food from our home. Initially, I was not part of her staff, but I was on summer break and had nothing else to do. 

In the first two months, I was inside putting utensils together, making salsa cups, and placing orders in bags. Then I upgraded to a cashier and waitress. I was hesitant about the new position, but my mom's business partner quit, and as the only worker left, I could not say no.  I did not want to handle money because of the virus, and it was a responsibility I have never had before. I also did not want to take the orders because I'm a shy person who can't pronounce the number 70 in Spanish.

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Despite my concerns, I rose to the occasion. There were a few occasions where I felt like I was in over my head. For instance, customers would ask for items that were not on the menu and would rush me on their orders when it was out of my control. 

There were also hot weekends where I felt like I might faint from dehydration and standing in the sun. However, this did not compare to the work my mom was doing to keep this business running. My mom started prepping Thursday evening and stayed up Friday and Saturday nights to prep for our busiest days. My mom worked in a restaurant environment for 15 years, and in her last two years, she worked at two restaurants. My mom has always been a hard worker, but working alongside her has made me admire her a lot more. Her work ethic and perseverance are unmatched. 

This opportunity also put me in restaurant workers' shoes, and I have a newfound respect for them. Let's make sure we are kind to all workers and tip them because minimum wage is not a liveable wage. 

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Brenda is a fourth-year majoring in feminist studies and sociology and minoring in the professional writing program. She was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. If she is not studying or writing she is probably watching a romantic comedy.
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