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What Does Your Spring Nail Polish Color Say About You?

Like many Seventeen magazine freelance writers, I have applied my deep mystic insight into the human psyche in order to analyze the rationales behind the colors we choose to paint our nails – specifically, in the springtime. Which color are you?

Not to be confused with Mint, which is what we call the exact same shade in the winter time. You’re whimsical, but not reckless. You like to talk about activities like sky-diving and base-jumping but would probably never actually do them. You probably don’t like reptiles. Instead, you’re one to buy wooden beads at craft fairs and delete your Facebook because “Real life is happening out here.”

Since we all know orange doesn’t look good with anything, you’re fearless if you made this move. You don’t care about wearing orange and black and looking pumpkin-esque or having your nails mistaken for tiny traffic cones. You’re simply you and nothing rhymes with you.

When I see a girl with coral nail polish, I think, “Wow, she’s got it together.” How is the job? And the long-term boyfriend? Both fantastic, I presume. Never better. You understand that this color is only slightly different than orange but for whatever reason goes well with everything. In a few years you are going to have the nicest lawn in the gated community.

You’re hiding something. The same way white-out attempts to cover up inked mistakes but only ends up amplifying them, your Marshmallow Fluff nail polish is screaming “I HAVE A SECRET” in a raspy whisper. Or maybe you just want to look a little more tan, that’s possible too.

Embracing that Middle-School-Goth-Chic look, you’re the type of gal who paints your nails just so you can angstily chip them off in class a few hours later. You’re probably reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being for the third time but curling yourself around it in your chair so no one sees and asks you about it. Human interaction is overrated, and nothing in life means anything anyway because as soon as it happens it’s over.

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