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Ways to Decorate for Christmas!

Christmas is our favorite time of year! If you live in the dorms or in IV, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get into the festive spirit! Get ready to decorate and leave milk and cookies for Santa!

1. Christmas Tree or Mini Christmas Tree

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We all know how hard it is to find space to decorate during Christmas. Designate a space in the living room to temporarily place a Christmas tree or even a mini one. Find yourself with limited space in the dorms? Place a mini Christmas tree in the corner or on top of your fridge! (Hint: Place a tree scented freshener next to it to help your place smell like pine needles!)

2. Lights, Lights, and More Lights

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We all know fairy lights are an essential decoration for college living. Try temporarily placing some colorful festive Christmas lights just in time for the holiday season! Add a seasonal garland (like snowflakes) if you’re feeling a little bit extra!

3. Stockings

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Stockings are a perfect way to decorate your dorm or IV home for Christmas! It’s a simple decoration and perfect for storing little gifts to give to your roommates! Don’t feel like keeping them inside your dorm? Hang them on your door and watch as treats are placed inside!

4. Cute Décor

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Decorate your living room, kitchen, or even your dorm desk with cute holiday décor! Place festive holiday prints or wood hangings on the walls or decorate furniture with decorative pillows. Check out Pinterest for cute DIY projects to help you get ready for the holidays!5. Warm Fuzzy Blankets

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Warm blankets are an essential part in making any house a home (or in some cases dorms). Buy some festive winter blankets. These will put you in the holiday spirit as well as keep you warm as the temperatures drop! There’s no better way to enjoy the cold (sometimes rainy!) winters than to keep warm under cozy blankets.

6. Mistletoe

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This decorative option is super fun! Mistletoe is a symbol of romance (perfect for cuffing season!). Place some mistletoe under your door and watch people light up when they see this holiday tradition! Add a bow or cute red ribbon for the holidays! 

Shannie Kuo is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has a degree in English. Her passions include health, fitness, photography, and food and she always strives to look for balance within her life. She enjoys going to the farmers market, discovering new coffee shops, and meeting new people. She hopes to find a career that will reflect her passions and allow her to connect with people nationwide.
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