Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday in IV/Santa Barbara

So, the day has finally come (or is coming up soon): you’re finally turning 21, the pinnacle age of young adulthood. Whether you’re excited to go clubbing or you’re just happy you’ve hit this monumental age, there are many fun ways to celebrate your 21st in IV and Santa Barbara.

1. Boozy brunch

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Why not start your birthday out with a yummy brunch with friends. Thankfully the Santa Barbara area is blessed with plentiful amounts of delicious brunch spots like Cajun Kitchen Cafe, and beach side places like Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach and Sambo’s Restaurant. While you’re chowing down on some delicious breakfast food why not treat yourself to a mimosa or margarita now that ordering drinks is a possibility for you.

2. Do "the Loop"

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Many IV residents know of a tradition called “The Loop” in which the 21st birthday celebrant goes to many (or even all) alcohol-serving establishments in IV to drink the day away. Whether this day of pitchers and pints and whatever else you end up drinking has you at Rincon Brewery, Woodstock’s, or The Study Hall, please remember to drink responsibility, pace yourself, and have fun!

3. Keg 'n Bottle

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Now that you have the legal right to purchase alcohol yourself, why not stop by IV’s iconic local liquor store to explore the many options you now have available to you. No longer will you have to suffice with cheap vodka and whatever other rubbing alcohol-like options you’ve had to settle for in the past. Whether your thing is wine, tequila, whiskey or whatever else you now have the option to pick for yourself and discover what you like.

4. Wine & Paint Night

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If you’re not really up for a crazy rager, over the top kind of birthday, planning a wine & painting night with friends can be just as fun. All you need is blank canvases, some paint and brushes, and an easy to follow painting tutorial online. Accompanied with either some wine, DIY sangria, or even mocktails if drinking isn’t your thing can be really entertaining.

5. Club It Out

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IV parties are not your only option for nightlife anymore, downtown Santa Barbara has many clubs and bars that are worth checking out for your 21st. If you don’t have a DD or your friend group plans on drinking take Bill’s Bus or MTD downtown and explore clubs like Wildcat Lounge, EOS Lounge, Velvet Jones, and more. Dance the night away and maybe you’ll score some free cocktails for it being your big day.