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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Lazy IV Girlfriend

It’s Paradise Casual out here. Those Victoria’s Secret negliges are expensive, especially considering how long you actually wear them. This is for you taken ladies who want to show you care but don’t really want to do anything else.1. Laundry money – washer AND dryer. Quarters are as close to gold as we can get.

2. Guacamole on freebirds nachos – this is a special night.

3. Shave your legs – we all know it’s been a while.

4. Tag him in your sunset insta pic – I have prepared a caption for you: “beach sunset and my man, #luckiestgirl”

5. Let him pick the Netflix movie – but if you don’t like it you get to pick another.

6. Buy him the mason jar at PMH, he’s worth all $3.

7. Don’t complain about anything all day – that whiney voice is endearing and all but it will be even cuter after a day’s hiatus.

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