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Valentine Gift Ideas for a New Relationship

Valentine’s Day is coming up just around the corner. For those who have just DTR, here are some ideas to gift your new sweetheart!

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1. Alcoholic Valentine’s Box

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This is the perfect gift for the significant other (21+) in your life. This gift can be personalized to their style, and the slogan is both witty and fun! Add a ribbon for some extra zest!

2. Drinks and the Sunset

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Grab your SO’s favorite drink and a blanket and head over to the beach to watch the sunset. What better way to get to know them than talk and watch the cotton candy sky as the sun sets?

3. Mixtape

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Let’s bring it back to the early 2000s with the creation of mixtapes tailored for your SO. Compile music to your heart’s content and express the feelings that you are struggling to show them!

4. Cooking for your SO

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Spend a night in and cook for your SO instead of experiencing the pressures of a Valentine’s dinner. Create their favorite meal and baked goods! Bonus points if you add a pun (you got a pizza my heart!).

5. Inside Jokes

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Every new couple has inside jokes. Find a way to turn these facts into a present. For example, buy them a toy plane to represent their desire for a private jet, and include a witty line.

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