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Unleash Your Inner Girlboss

The term “girlboss” recently jumped into the pop culture vocabulary scene as a means of describing a woman who is tenaciously pursuing her aspirations on her own accord. The most successful girlbosses take initiative in the pursuit of achieving their goals and often are brave, resilient, ambitious, and persistent. A girlboss isn’t necessarily someone who works as an entrepreneur or even in a professional setting at all. Moreover, being a girlboss does not mandate that you are in charge of others. A girlboss must only be in charge of dictating her own life. This can manifest differently for every individual. I truly believe that every girl possesses the qualities of a girlboss and has the potential to be one despite the prominent adversity created by social norms. Below are some of my tried-and-true suggest as to how to you can be successful unleashing your inner girlboss and living your best life however you chose!


Pursue your Passions

Above all else, the most successful girlbosses are pursuing careers or passion projects in industries that they love. Although infinitely easier said than done, finding and actually doing what you truly love to do is a revolutionary experience. Of course, finding your life’s passion is not a straightforward process and may encompass an array of interests, but one should never stop trying and discovering what suits them best. It may take months or even years, but trust that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing to get you where you need to be. Be it a success or failure, everything is a learning experience.


Become Your Own Best Friend

At any given moment, you are the only one who knows exactly what you need. Do not let the omnipresent chatter of everyone else confuse or even distract you from your own journey. You are the captain of your life’s ship and must only heed your commands. Carpe Diem that shit, girl.

Network! Network! Network!

Expanding your social circle is an opportunity to interact with a wider network of individuals and to learn from their life experiences. Be as outgoing, social, and extroverted as you possibly can be; you never know who you will meet and how they will change your perspective (this is definitely something that I personally am still working on!).

If meeting new people and breaking out of your shell is especially difficult for you, I encourage you to check out web series or podcasts that allow you to indirectly hear about the lives of others. In particular, I have been loving the Goal Digger podcast which is available on iTunes.

Invest in Yourself

Before journeying into the uncertainty of any new venture, a true girlboss should always be as informed as possible. Use any and all of your resources to educate yourself on the ins-and-outs of how the industry surrounding your new venture works: friends, family, mentors, workshops, or even the internet.

Also, it is worth considering how your social media presence could be beneficial or detrimental to your success. Do you represent yourself in the most positive light on social media? If not, can you archive your way to a better Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? In a sense, a girlboss should consider herself a brand that she is sharing with the wider world.


Becoming a marketing master or branding ambassador does not usually happen overnight for most people. I encourage every girlboss pursuing a new venture to seek out mentorship from other successful individuals who have pursued a similar path. Learning from the trials and tribulations of others can help inform you as to how to best move through your journey. Remember, it is a sign of strength to ask for help or guidance from others because it shows that you possess enough introspectiveness as to recognize when you can be assisted through their words, experiences, and actions.


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…An old wise proverb once said, “Do No Harm, but Take No Shit” and I don’t think anything could sum it all up better here. No matter how turbulent, terrible, and uncertain this world may make you feel, just know that you are so, so incredibly strong and brave. You and you alone are the one in charge of pursuing your own destiny. Do not- I repeat- do not let the extenuating circumstances of the world around you prevent you from achieving to the fullest of your capabilities as a girl boss. If no one has told you it today, just know that I believe in you for  whatever it’s worth. Go forth and have no fear!



Megan Stafford is a second-year undeclared science major at Pitt. When she is not studying, Megan enjoys traveling, visiting art galleries, and trying new coffee shops.
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