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Unhealthy Friendships: When to Say Enough is Enough

Friendships are one of the most valuable relationships a person can have. They bring so much love and laughter into your life. Friendships can be extremely beneficial to having a healthy social life. However, some friendships can be very unhealthy. Here are a few things that indicate an unhealthy friendship:

1. Never doing what you like

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If you find that you are always the one making sacrifices to do things with your firmed that you don’t particularly like, there is an imbalance in your friendship. In healthy friendships, there should be give and take.

2. They are jealous and/or possessive

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Just because you are friends does not mean that the two of you need to be attached at the hip every second. With personal experience being in this kind of friendship, I understand how frustrating it can be to have a friend who is overly clingy. If you are unable to hang out with other people for fear that your friend will get upset or feel guilty about hanging out with others, this is another sign of an unhealthy and anxiety- and stress-provoking relationship. You are an individual and thus allowed to have fun and relationships outside of this one.

3. It is exhausting

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Friends should bring joy, positive feelings, and energy into your life. If your relationship with this person leaves you drained, this isn’t a sign of a healthy relationship and it may be time establish some space.

People are supposed to benefit from their friendships rather than deal with constant emotional drainage. Friendships are supposed add to eachothers lives, not to take. If you are noticing that you are having negative feelings in your friendship, no longer enjoy spending time with them, and most often than not experience some level of stress or anxiety, you might be in an unhealthy relationship with your friend. Establishing space may help with either situation and to do so, you can express this to your friend. Communication may go a long way, however, it may not be as effective depending on the person and the situation. If you no longer wish to be close friends, you should also express this. It may be a hard decision to come to for both you and your friend, but in the end, emotional and mental health is more important.


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