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Finals week has officially started. It’s time for us to bring out the sweats and sleep in Davidson Library with our oversized hoodies. However, our Santa Barbara ladies never seem to fail to pull together great outfits even during this horrid time of year. Here are four UCSB students that inspire us to still look stylish yet comfortable this week!

Our first fashionista, Micah, is sporting a light and airy floral kimono with a v-neck crop top and high waisted shorts. Since it’s been getting warm, she put her hair up in a messy bun to cool her off! 

Instagram: @micahchuuuuuu

Megan is sporting a cute bohemian styled dress that is super comfortable to lounge around it. To keep her warm in the library she wore a light black cardigan to finish off her look. 

Instagram: @megdilla

Spotted! Fellow UCSB Her Campus Chapter Contributor, Helen is sporting a fun sports tank with black shorts for a casual and comfortable look that’s great to work out and study in! 

Our last collegiette, Arielle, is sporting an edgy yet casual outfit with her distressed jeans and oversized cardigan. To finish off her look she paired some fun and trendy black patent sandals and a dainty necklace. 

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