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UCSB Graduation Checklist

So you’re on your way to graduate, you’re excited to get out of UCSB and not have to take any more midterms and finals. But, how ready are you? Before walking across the stage, there are a few things you need to cross of your checklist before you embark in your journey to the real world. Below are just a few but important things  you need to get down before your last day as a UCSB Gaucho!


1. Declare candidacy on GOLD

You can do that by going on the “graduation” tab once you log-in to your GOLD account


2. Reserve space at the commencement ceremony on GOLD

This can also be done on GOLD in the “Graduation” tab once you log-in.


3. Verify diploma mailing address on GOLD

Make sure you update your billing and mailing address on GOLD so that your diploma gets sent to the correct address!


4. Take graduation pictures for UCSB Year Book

If you haven’t taken your Senior Portrait, your best best is to contact Lauren Studios:

Phone: 951-272-8600Website: www.laurenstudios.com


5. Visit a counselor to make sure you will graduate on time

Make sure you visit your counselor that corresponds to the college  you are in; whether it is for Letters & Science, Engineering, or Creative Studies,


6. Make sure all fees are paid off


7. Grad Fair

The Graduation Gair is held at the UCSB book store, make sure to stop by as they also do FREE graduation picutres!


8. Cap & Gown

Purchases of the cap and gown can also be made at the Grad Fair!


9. Send out graduation invites or inform all friends and family about your graduation


10. Decorate your cap for graduation!


And just like that, you’ll be ready for graduation in no time! Best of luck to all of you Gaucho collegiettes in preparing for graduation!



Elizabeth Vasquez graduated from UC Santa Barbara back in 2016 with a BA in English. Elizabeth currently resides in the Silicon Valley area and works for Modern Luxury Silicon Valley magazine as a marketing & events coordinator. When she isn't working, Elizabeth enjoys dining out with friends, reading a book and spending time with her two dogs. See what she is up to on Instagram: @iamelizabethvasquez and on Twitter: @MissElizabethLV
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