Tour Guide 101: 8 Places to Take Family/Friends Visiting SB

One of the perks about going off to college is experiencing life in a different city. For many of us, attending UCSB meant venturing off into uncharted territory. However, with Fall quarter well underway, you are now considered a local. You're probably well versed in the city's social scene and have realized that Santa Barbara posseses more than just sand and salt water. What better way to show off your knowledge than when family and friends come to visit? Below are eight places to check out the next time you have company.

1. Santa Barbara Zoo: The perfect place to take your family, especially if you have younger siblings. Get up close and personal by feeding the giraffes or visit the elephant exhibit! 

2. Goleta Beach: If you need a little down time, take your family or friends to Goleta Beach. The grassy area is perfect for picnics. If anyone feels adventurous, kayak rentals are offered pretty much all day. 


3. Los Agaves: In the mood for Mexican food? Los Agaves, located in the Camino Real Marketplace, serves delicious Mexican dishes in a casual, laid back environment. 

4. Knapp's Castle: This historical landmark is a popular hiking destination. What used to be a mansion remains in ruins, but the rustic environment and view overlooking Lake Cachuma and the Santa Ynez valley makes up for it. 


5. State Street: The perfect mix of restaurants and shops. Grab a bite to eat or maybe a new wardrobe? 


6. McConnell's Ice Cream: Making a stop for ice cream is always a must. McConnel's makes their ice cream from scratch so you know it has to be good.


7. Jeanine's Cafe: If your friends and family are fans of brunch, Jeanine's Cafe is the perfect spot. Their frenchtoast is a hit and their quaint and cozy cafe makes you feel at home. 


8. Stearn's Wharf: Take a stroll down the pier known as Stearn's Wharf. Restaurants and candy shops line the boardwalk, making it the perfect hang out spot after a long day of sight seeing.