Top Ten Quiet Places to study on Campus

Can you hear that? No? That is right! You are stepping into UCSB's top ten quiet places to study! No longer will you hear gossipers, chip bags opening, snickering, laughing, and all the noises that would possibly disrupt the Gaucho scholar grind. Besides the obvious quiet floors at the library, which are not so quiet at times, here are the top ten places to study at UCSB:  

1. SSMS: Sociology Department Lounge

Image via: University California of Santa Barbara- Film and Media Studies

My usual place to study during my first quarter was the overflowing library. Personally, I was tired of spending thirty minutes trying to find a seat, so I decided to venture out of the library. I stepped foot in this beautiful architectural humanities building, in which I discovered the most vibrant study lounge I have ever seen. The Sociology Department is open for all students to study quietly. Noise? What Noise? I could literally hear a drop of water from the bathroom sink! That is how quiet it is in there, did I mention how beautiful the view is from the window?

2. The Women's Center

Image via WGSE Lounge 

This place is not just for women but for men as well. The Women's Center looks a bit different than it did last year, so go check the place out. The room itself is extremely quiet! I can hear the typing of my keyboard as I am writing this piece in here. Another perk is that during finals week the staff provides snacks and coffee. 

3. Ellison Hall

Image via 20 best University California, of Santa Barbara 

The lounge area on the first floor is super quiet. Not only is it quiet, but if you are a geography major or political science major, you have your T.A’s and Professors two or three floors above you! Why would that be a plus? That paper you want an A in or those “what the…” moments could now be easily answered with just one elevator button.

4. Third Floor of UCen


Hey, want to study at the UCEN? Why wouldn't you? Free food and comfy seats. Wait you probably think I am talking about the first floor of The Hub… No, I am talking about the third floor of the UCEN! Not only will you be able to grab a little snack at the A.S Food Bank but you will get some quality quiet time in one of the study rooms! Yes, I said room!

5. Music Library


So you are telling me that the fifth quietest place to study is where sounds come from? Well, yeah. Hear me out, yes this is the MUSIC Library, but get this, it is super quiet in there. Go up to the second floor and see for yourself. Not only is this place quiet, but it is near food court in The Hub. After a long three to four hours of studying you can easily go grab Panda Express, Subway, and much more.

6. Mosher Alumni House

Image via Mosher Event Spaces 

Alumni house? I am barely in my second year of Undergrad! First, Second, Third, Fourth or Fifth, the Alumni House is open for all during dead week. Not only is this place quiet, but it is motivational. To one day become an Alumni, and not just any Alumni but a UCSB Alumni!  Oh, and did I mention the Alumni House gives out free snacks and coffee!

7. Girvetz Hall



Are you the type of person that needs to be in a class setting to get studying done? Why not study where you may have had a section? Some students have study groups in there, while others just use it as a quiet place to read.

8.  Harold Frank Hall

Image via UCSB Harold Frank Hall 

Whether you are a Political Science major or Computer Engineering major, you have had a lecture in this hall. However, go past that large lecture room, a little further past a few doors, then turn right. There you will see a lounge of comfy chairs. The study space is quiet and has a few outlets to charge your laptop or phone.

9.  HSSB


Do you need to study in a living room environment? The third-floor of the HSSB has exactly what you are looking for. I often go to the lounge/ study area in between sections to write papers or to read. The third floor has it all, comfy chairs, vending machines, and a private bathroom just down the hall! 

10. SRB Resource Centers

Image via Student Resource Building 

Saved the best for last! These rooms can be a hit or miss. They are super quiet when you and other students are there to study. However, this may be amiss if there are meetings in there. I usually go from the hours of 1 pm to 4 pm. Do not let the hit or miss deter you from studying in the rooms! Quick memory, when I was a freshman I was studying in the Chicana/Latina room and a meeting was about to happen while I was studying. Instead of leaving I decided to stay, mainly because I saw food! The meeting was in regards to the resources available at UCSB. Not only was this information I needed as a freshman, but this made a difference in my academic career. Moral of this study place is to go and take a study break to listen in on some of the meetings.

Collegiettes, you now know all of my secret, quiet study spots!