Top 3 True Crime Podcasts That Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat

Have you ever stayed up at night wondering what happened to the victims of infamous true crime cases? How they found themselves in such tragic circumstances? If there was anything they could’ve done differently that would've allowed them to be with us today? Or is that just me?

These questions come to mind every time a new Hollywood blockbuster hits the big screen. Despite the sheer number of serial killer movies out there, it baffles me every time I hear another one is being released about the most notorious murderers, while the brutal outcomes of the victims are so easily ignored. I couldn't care less about the tortured minds of the Zodiac killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack the Ripper or Ted Bundy; I want to know what happened to JonBenét Ramsey, Laci Patternson and all the other regular people who are missing or murdered, but often go unnoticed. If you’ve ever been curious about this like me, then these three podcasts are a must!

  1. 1. Crime Junkie

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    Number one on my list always has been and always will be Crime Junkie, hosted by Ashley Flowers (member of the board of directors for Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana) and Brit Prawatt. With their thorough research, incredible storytelling abilities, and overall bubbly personalities, these two women have collectively contributed to my true crime obsession over the years. Even better, they upload episodes once a week so your true crime stash will never run dry!

    By including images, evidence, and interviews with detectives and the victims' loved ones, this duo makes the audience feel as though we are there with them trying to solve the crime. Crime Junkie is at the top of my list because the goal of sharing these stories is to one day find justice for these victims and keep listeners vigilant against the evils that exist in this world. If you’re interested in an optimistic and investigative approach to true crime, this is the podcast for you!

  2. 2. Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo

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    Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo will always hold a strong place in my heart. Full of heartbreak and hope, this podcast series follows host Connie Walker as she joins the efforts of Cristine, a First Nations Cree woman in Canada, who has spent her entire life searching for her missing sister Cleo. Taken by child welfare workers in the 1970s and adopted in the U.S. without a trace by the Canadian government, all Cristine has left to solidify her sister’s existence is a small undated school photo that triggers a domino effect of evidence and new information about Cleo’s whereabouts.

    What I enjoyed most about this podcast was not only that it brought much-needed attention to the ongoing violence against indigenous communities around the world, but that it brought the listeners along as Connie followed leads and obtained closure to the seemingly untraceable death and disappearance of Cleo Semaganis. I think everyone should embark on this heart-wrenching and often spine-chilling journey at one point or another.

  3. 3. The Vanished

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    Last but certainly not least is The Vanished, hosted by Marissa Jones. If you love nerve-wracking stories that cover your entire body in goosebumps, then this is the podcast for you! A true crime podcast that focuses on missing person cases, Marissa hopes to use her platform to spread awareness about these missing persons and bring closure to their loved ones. As she explores each case, she walks the audience through a play-by-play of what happened and what could have gone wrong along the way, often interviewing the loved ones who are still searching for answers. The stories told on this podcast are as terrifying as they are absurd, from people disappearing from their bedrooms in the middle of the night to going into a bar and never making it back out, these stories will surely have you on the edge of your seat!

Although this obsession with true crime was once just a simple nail-biting thrill, it has since become much more than that. Now a ritual of sorts, these podcasts not only satisfy our true crime fix but help honor the lives that have been lost or taken against their will. By putting a face and story to a name, the hosts of the aforementioned podcasts remind us that these people are much more than just a true crime case. Each of them was once a living, breathing person like any one of us.