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Want to master the art of thrift shopping? Look no further. Here are five tips to scoring the best items at your local Goodwill.

1.      Take the whole day off.

Thrifting is an all-day thing. Don’t limit yourself to one store. Don’t limit yourself to only one hour. These restraints will only lead to snap decisions about stuff you truly don’t want. More time and options allows for clearer decisions about what’s worth buying.

2.      Bring your old clothes to sell or give away.

Some thrift stores, like Buffalo Exchange, will give you cash or store credit for your old clothes. Take advantage of this. Not only are you basically getting paid to clean out your closet, but you can use those funds toward your next purchase. Even if the store doesn’t trade cash for clothes, you should still donate anyway. It’s not always about the money. Your unwanted clothes should go to someone else who really needs them.

3.      Scan twice.

Rushing through the racks is doing a disservice to yourself. Take your time. Some of the best gems are hiding between the worst pieces. And sometimes a second look really does bring out the beauty of item previously unseen at first glance.

4.      Keep your resources in mind.

Ask yourself this: Is an item really a good deal if you have to pay a seamstress or dry cleaner to make it wearable again? Never buy an item with extreme stains or rips unless you are positive you have the resources to get rid of them relatively inexpensively. It’s tempting to be fooled by the great price tag but an extra 50 dollars in repairs might make Urban Outfitters the cheaper option.

5.      Take risks.

Too often, girls walk straight to the women’s tops section of the thrift store and leave without looking at anything else. It’s a shame for two reasons. Why limit yourself to the women’s section when the men’s and children’s harbor the best flannel and crop tops in the store? And two, why only leave with a good deal on T-shirts? Thrift and consignment stores are home to the best jewelry, silverware, and accessories in the world. Walk in with an open mind. See what the rest of the store has to offer.

Nkechi Ikem is a writer for the HerCampus chapter at UC Santa Barbara. She is a second year political science major and plans to pursue a career in international law. Originally from the Sacramento area, she can't help but continuously remind people that the city is more than just a capital. In her free time, you can find her listening to the same song for an hour or reacting out loud to a book she's reading. She is present on almost all social media outlets, but her favorite at the moment is Twitter. Follow her @saymynameright_
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