Tinder Horror Stories of UCSB

In a world of hookups, friends with benefits, and people doing anything to avoid commitment, dating in college is hard enough. People who are looking for an easy shortcut to the complex dynamic of dating in young adulthood often turn to Tinder. Whether you use the app looking for a relationship, a hookup, or just to see how many matches and super-likes you’ll get, Tinder caters to it all. However, matches based purely on looks and if you have a dog in your picture are bound to be problematic to say the least. We at HerCampus have compiled a few Tinder Horror Stories from UCSB students who have not had the best luck swiping right. (Stories have been paraphrased and edited for anonymity.)

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Story #1: Catfish had me hiding in the bathroom

Female, Film & English Major, 4th Year

“It was my first time doing Tinder and I thought it would be a normal thing, so I invited him to pregame for a soccer game. Idiot me did not think that the fact that he had ONE picture was concerning. My entire house is pregaming for the soccer game and he comes over. Not only does he look nothing like his picture but we couldn't carry an entire conversation. I kept making toast to get up and avoid him. Eventually I hid in the bathroom. For 45 minutes. At the same time as I was hiding my overly nice housemate “S” kept bringing him drinks. My friend “D” called and said he was coming over and I convinced him to act like my boyfriend. So I go back outside and D bursts through the door and confesses his love for me and asks the guy to leave. BUT HE WON’T LEAVE UNTIL HE FINISHES HIS DRINKS! I once again return to the bathroom to hide while he finishes his drinks. 1 hour goes by. Half the game is over. Then he asks my very nice housemate S to hook up with him! She says "I have hooked up with a lot of random people. And I won't add you to the list". He then FINALLY LEAVES.”

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Story #2: BO… Got to go

Female, Communication Major, 3rd Year

“I was in my hometown for a break and had set up to meet a guy I had been talking to. We were going to eat dinner at a really fancy Italian restaurant and I was impressed with his fancy car. To my disappointment, he ended up being soooo boring and would only brag about how big his house was and how much money his parents made. AND on top of that as we were walking outside a gust of wind hit us and THE SMELLIEST BO came from this guy. I could not hide my disgust at his stench and distanced myself at least 5 feet for the rest of the night. Needless to say we did not go on anymore dates.”

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