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Thoughts We All Get During Girl Scout Cookie Season

We all know the inner debate we have with ourselves during Girl Scout Cookie season. Whether it be avoiding interaction with the Girl Scouts and being drawn in by their cuteness, or that realization that this is your third box in two days or the sad moment when you are down to the last cookie. These inner dialogues exist within all of us. So let’s recap some of our finest moments during this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Season shall we? 

1. They take Venmo now!?

For anyone who didn’t know and always experienced the struggle of never having cash: they take Venmo now! 

2. Shit, I don’t have cash!

The thought you get before you realize they take Venmo.

3. Avoid eye contact… 

We all know we try to avoid eye contact in anyway in order not to be lurred in.

4. Crap, they’re so cute. How can I say no?

We all know in the end, we can’t say no to the little girls.

5. This is my second round of Girl Scout Cookie purchases this week.

That shocking moment of realization that you did this the other day.

6. It’s only a once a year thing…

Making it perfectly acceptable to eat an entire box in one sitting.

7. Last one, last one.

Let’s be real, no one can resist eating an entire box in one sitting.

8. One box gone already!?

The sad moment of realization.

9. It’s for a good cause!

It’s not about the fact that I spent $30 on cookies, it’s the fact that my money is going towards a good cause…

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