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I have something to confess, I’m obsessed with makeup. From starting out with drugstore makeup as a teen, I never knew makeup would become as much of a passion for me as it is today. I love experimenting with different looks, testing new products, and basically using my face as a blank canvas (the possibilities are endless!). If your heart quickens every time you enter a Sephora, you consider your makeup collection one of your most prized possessions, and you consider swatching new makeup one of the tiny joys in life, you too are makeup obsessed like me. Let us all unite in our shared love of beauty and bond over this list of things only girls obsessed with makeup understand:

1. The joy of finding a cheap dupe of an expensive product.

2. When you’re out and someone compliments your makeup.

3. The struggle of having to mix two foundations to get your perfect shade.

4. Leaving the makeup store with 1,000 swatches on your arm.

5. Having to control yourself from spending entire paychecks at Ulta or Sephora.

6. Buying a new palette online right when it drops as if you’re getting Coachella tickets.

7. The pride (and regret) of getting a VIB membership at Sephora.

8. When your eyeshadow creases, a lash corner pops off, or your foundation gets shiny (basically when your face plays you).

9. Watching YouTube beauty gurus all damn day.

10. The never-ending quest to find your perfect nude lipstick shade.

11. Putting on makeup even if you’re not going out, just because it’s fun to play with.

12. Having a 10-step makeup routine is the bare minimum for you.

13. Wanting to cry when you can’t get a good picture of your makeup (even though it looks bomb in person).

14. Unblended eyeshadow, sharpie brows, overdrawn lips, and mismatched face/necks make you cringe.

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Leah is a 3rd year student attending the University of California, Santa Barbara pursuing a double major in Communication and Sociology. When she's not tagging her friends in memes, she enjoys watching YouTube makeup gurus and attending music festivals (when she can afford them). She hopes to pursue a career in the field of social marketing and/or public relations. Follow her on Instagram at @itsleaah!