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The Perfect Wellness Activities in SB To Help Get You Through Midterms

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Need a brain break? Here’s some Santa Barbara-centered activities to rest your mind (and body).

Attending UCSB and living in Isla Vista is one of the most incredible experiences out there. However, it can quickly become stressful balancing a social life and class assignments while maintaining personal wellness.

It’s midterm season, and you know what that means: days spent cooped up in the lib and not seeing the light of day for hours at a time. Personally, when studying, I always require some sort of “brain break” which usually involves scrolling on my phone for five minutes (which turns into hours). Recently, I made it a goal of mine to try and take breaks that involve physical activity in order to fuel my body and give my brain a rest. I have compiled a list of activities that I have both participated in, and am excited to try in the near future in the Goleta/Santa Barbara area!

The most obvious one: hikes!

Santa Barbara is known for being a place with so much natural beauty. There are hundreds of hikes that allow for views of the amazing mountains, the ocean, or both! 

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Cold Springs Trailhead

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I drove down to Montecito and went on the Cold Springs Trailhead hike. The drive was a little confusing, but once we got to the trail there was a lot of street parking and directions of where to go. This hike had views of the mountainous area and even a small view of the ocean. There were a couple small waterfalls that were fun to take pictures by and this was the perfect spot for a cold plunge. The water was freezing but after a 2 mile hike it’s actually nice to take a dip!

Hot Springs Canyon Trail

This is a very popular trail amongst college students. Hot Springs Canyon Trail is about 3.5 miles and ends with the hot springs, a great place to relax and enjoy the view, so bring a swimsuit! The parking situation for this hike seems to be more of a challenge but it’s nothing that Uber can’t handle. 

Rattlesnake Canyon

Rattlesnake Canyon is definitely the hardest hike out of this list. The hike is 4.5 miles long and does not have much shade so… bring a hat and sunscreen and lots of water. I personally do not enjoy super challenging hikes like this one but if you’re a go getter than this one should definitely be on your hiking- bucket list. 

Hot girl walks to Devs

Can we PLEASE bring hot girl walks back into 2024? If you’re not much of a hiking girly but still want some physical activity then this is the perfect walk for you! I absolutely love this walk because not only is it peaceful and fun to do with friends, but you also get to experience a typical day on DP. My friends and I love to walk from one end of campus to Manzanita Village, and then from there all the way down DP and to Dev’s. Not to mention, if you are lucky, you might pass Isla Vista favorite, Roger’s during your stroll. 

CorePower Free Week

CorePower is a yoga studio chain that offers a variety of yoga flows and hot yoga classes. There are three studios in the nearby area (one in Goleta and two in Santa Barbara.) Yoga is one of my favorite ways to reward my body and get out of the house. Unfortunately, CorePower may feel great for your mind and body, but it won’t make your pockets feel great. The all-inclusive yoga membership is $200 a month, which is a little steep for college students (even with the student discount it is well over $100). However, there are some great deals that CorePower offers! They have a free week trial, where you can attend any class you want every day for a week. This is a great way to dip your toes into yoga and figure out if you like it! If you do decide to get a membership, your first month is half off ($99) which is much more reasonable than the usual price. They also have some other great deals and whether you decide to get a membership or not, it is definitely worth trying a free week!

Get Yourself a Coffee

This one does not involve physical activity but it is definitely something I love to do to break up my work. Go get yourself a coffee! You can drive or walk to numerous amazing coffee shops in the Isla Vista/Goleta area. My favorite orders include a matcha latte with lavender and oat milk or the vanilla latte with oat milk from Caje, and the raspberry oat matcha from DEAN coffee shop (which also has some amazing food like their avocado toast!) 

It is so crucial to take time for yourself when studying for midterms or finals. While studying is usually necessary to be successful in your courses, it is also vital to give your brain time to process all the information it has taken in and to go outside! Reward yourself and stay strong during this midterm season everyone!

Hey! My name is Gabriella Magnasco and I am a first-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, majoring in History of Public Policy and Law. I love the beach, spending time with friends, and writing. I am an editorial intern for the UCSB Her Campus chapter.