Thanksgiving Dinner: The Ultimate Test

The best time of year has come around once again - the holiday season! It's also the time when packs of college students travel back to their families after months of functioning on their own, some for the first time since college has started.


Image via Country Living Magazine


Indeed, it is pleasant and heart-warming to catch up with family and friends and settle into some good ol’ moments of nostalgia. However, at the same time, the holiday season may be stressful, awkward, and downright uncomfortable. Unfortunately, yet inevitably, you become the most interesting topic of conversation during Thanksgiving dinner. You are bombarded with questions, such as “Have you chosen a major yet?”, “Did you join any extra-curriculars?”, “Did you get any internships?”, “What’s your plan for the next couple years?”, and “Did you meet a special someone yet?” Read on for tips on surviving the infamous Thanksgiving dinner.


Understand that it’s natural for them to be curious.

Yes, the questions may be uncomfortable, difficult or anxiety-inducing, but they are natural things for your family to be curious about, especially if you’ve been gone for a long while and it’s your first time home since you moved out. You did live with them for a good portion of your life - that sort of connection can never really be ignored.


Prepare one long, great answer.

Make sure that if someone asks you a question that is, or even resembles, the question "How's life?" you have a nice, descriptive answer to respond with. You could focus it on your friends, quirky things about your school or a class that you have really been enjoying. That way, whatever the topic, you can talk on and on about whatever you want and you have a less chance of someone asking you questions that will make you squirm in your seat.  


Deflect the conversations.

Sometimes you can steer the conversations to other people by asking questions about how things have been at home or giving compliments so as to start a different conversation in the direction that you want. Be wary, however, because you may not be able to deflect them forever. 


Remember that you’ll be back soon.

In no time you will be back to school and away from the terrible spotlight. So hang in there, enjoy it, and eat some great turkey now!