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Ten Facebook Alternatives for Your Study Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.


We’ve all been there–it’s week five, six, or even seven, and the doom that is midterms is upon you. You’ve been on the 4th floor of Davidson for three hours, and your textbook is uselessly splayed out in front of you. If you had to take a test on the contents of your Facebook newsfeed, you’d get an A+ (screw that girl playing snappa on DP, instagramming it, and rubbing it in your face). But alas! A study break is what you need, so here’s a few websites that’ll get you out of your funk!


Lookbook.nu—Get fashion inspo from teens all over the world who dress way better than you and have magical amounts of money to spend at Topshop and cool stores in Sweden. Also, stalk their personal Blogspots for extra inspiration–you’ll look super cute for class tomorrow (that is, if you go).


Theroadishome.com—Possibly my favorite teen mom ever. This blog chronicles the life of 20 year-old Nirrimi Firebrace, and her perfect, young family. Firebrace is an Australian fashion photographer who has shot for Diesel, Billabong, and an array of musicians.


Tumblr.com—If you don’t know, now you know. Become a legitimate hipster and create an account so you can reblog pictures of cats, One Direction, immorally skinny girls with insanely gorgeous hair, and Indie music.


Songkick.com—Track all of your favorite bands, and plan your next road trip to L.A. to see the Lumineers or Mumford and Sons.


Designspiration.com—Pinterest’s lesser known sister–but this website is for actual graphic designers and photographers in the real world, great for sparking some creative ingenuity.


Wanelo.com—Another Pinterest hybrid, this allows you to make boards of clothing that you want but will probably never buy from Korean wholesale sites and Etsy. You might want to change your letter grading option to pass/no pass, because this website will take over your life.


Cosmopolitan.com—Already finished this month’s issue of Cosmo? Trek through the sex/love tab for some fun tips. Once you’ve found some new moves you want to try out, text your flavor of the week and ride the beach cruiser you forced your parents to buy to your choice of fraternity house and blow of some steam—the best kind of study break!


Newyorktimes.com—Current affairs are cooler than your textbook for History 2A, so get caught up on what’s happening and make yourself feel intellectual. If all else fails, try eonline.com and see what Justin Bieber is up to…because that’s also more important than World War II. 


Gold—Seriously. Plan out your Spring schedule so you have no classes to skip on Friday, or even Tuesday—Margarita Monday can be harsh.


As a last result, you can always log back into your Myspace account from high school and stalk yourself. Go ahead and reread the messages exchanged between you and that hot guy from second period Spanish (who you never actually talked to in person), and ask yourself why the hell you spent so much money at Abercrombie and Fitch.


Happy Study Breaking!

Kelsey Roshetko left the neon jungle of Las Vegas to attend college in Santa Barbara, where she majors in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She plans on applying to law school after graduation, and pursuing a career as a poet on the side (which probably will not be lucrative in any way whatsoever). She loves all things Sylvia Plath, Neutral Milk Hotel, her mom, and elephants. 
 University of California, Santa Barbara chapter of Her Campus