TED Talks For Post-College Life

Graduation is exciting and nerv-wrecking, but it can also be extremely scary. If you're like the rest of your fellow graduates, school has been your identity for most of your life, now you're done (some of us not so much), so now what?! Going through a major identity crisis is normal when graduating college, we need time to figure out our passions, goals, and just re-evaluate our lives, so it's terrifying to graduate! Lucky for you, here is a list of a few Ted Talks to get you ready for life after graduation - enjoy!

1. The key to success? Grit!


2. Feminism. It's still relevent!

3. My passion? YIKES! Let me think about that


4. Don't be your own dream-crusher, let the haters do that!


5. One day you'll find your "calling" and maybe you won't, either way, it's all going to be just fine!


6. Wanna go on a perfect date? Date yourself.