The "Tampon Tax" is Ridiculous, Period.

By state law, many food and hygiene supplies are omitted from being taxed due to their necessity. However, in California and in most other states, pads and tampons are not categorized as necessities, and are therefore taxed. This so called “tampon tax” has many women outraged due to feminine products' categorization as a “luxury” item. Since when has it been a luxury to bleed? I doubt any of you have gotten your period thinking, “wow, I'm really getting pampered today!”. Here is a map outlining the states that do and do not tax feminine hygiene products (New York has since changed their state law to remove the tax).


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All women know that there is no way to go through this biological process and do everyday tasks without either pads, tampons, or diva cups. Women should have the right to deal with this natural occurrence without having to break the bank, let alone be taxed additionally for it! This is not just about getting a few cents back, it's about the blatant systemic sexism in our society. This issue is rarely talked about in state policy, and neither is the major struggle homeless women have in gaining access to feminine products. It is unfair that as women, we must constantly fight for our right to health, while men's health needs are readily taken care of with little to no controversy. For example, Viagra is not taxed by any state in the United States, other than Illinois, and it is also government funded. I would argue that although it is classified as medication, in most cases it is not taken as a health necessity, contrary to feminine hygiene products. 

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This disregard for the necessity of feminine products can also be seen here at UCSB. The SRB’s restrooms are known for its free supply of condoms, however the tampons and pads in the women's restroom are sold for a price. Why is this?

Sex is not a necessity for one's health while menstrual products are. Women at school or work are not only expected to keep quiet about any pain or other symptoms they are experiencing, but they are also being charged to do so. As many of you know, money can get really tight during college and it's just plain malicious to make girls have to choose between buying dinner or buying tampons. It's a bloody disgrace. #StopBleedingUsDry

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