#SupportLocalArt for Christmas

In a Gift Idea Rut?

For the holiday season, how about buying personalized art for the ones you love? There are so many talented artists who can offer unique and sentimental pieces to gift. Buying from artists around you builds your community by stimulating the small business economy and adding to the special culture of your city. Original art has a special meaning to it; because you are not buying a gift from a large store that millions of other people have, your gift will be more memorable to the person receiving your thoughtful gift. It shows that you went out of your way to make the recipient’s Christmas a little more special. Enriching the lives of people around you while supporting an artist’s talent can  also enrich the artist’s life. If you invest in their art, they can continue to do what they love, they can pay their bills, and they can make their loved one's Christmas extraordinary as well. The warmth and care that goes into buying a specific item, like a painting or a piece of jewelry, really does go a long way. There is something very distinctly human about something benefiting both you and the artist.

via @kadh on pexels​

You and the artist have a meaningful exchange. You get to show that you appreciate their talent and what they individually bring to the world, and you proudly share what you bought to those around you to enhance their world. Giving an artist a platform can help them build their clientele and be able to support themselves even more. In a world where people tend to want the newest tech that will be replaced with time, timeless art will last forever. Anything can be art; paintings, jewelry, clothing, music, films, etc. Just support those around you. As a society, we need to support people who bring something unique to the local culture, because in the end we will all benefit from engaging with the people in our community. So let’s start with Christmas, and hopefully you will continue to buy local art forever.