Struggles of Being the Friend Who Goes to Sleep Early

I value sleep more than pretty much everything else. I can’t function on only a few hours of sleep, and really don’t understand how people can consistently get only a few hours of sleep a night and still be okay. I really wish I was one of those people who could stay up all night and get things done, but basically once it hits 8 or 9 PM my brain shuts off completely. Being the friend that goes to sleep early definitely has its cons, and if you too are the friend who goes to sleep early, you will share these same struggles.

Missing out on the group chat, and then not being able to respond the next morning because the conversation has already been switched 10 times and no one is going to answer now anyway.

Waking up hours before anyone else.

Responding to emails and texts at 7 AM, knowing that you won’t get a response for at least three more hours.

Not being able to pull all-nighters with your friends.

Missing out on jokes and funny stories that happen later at night, and then having to listen to them repeatedly the next day.

Getting embarrassing pictures of you sleeping because yet again, you have fallen asleep at 10 PM on a Friday on your friend’s couch.