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The Struggle of Being an Autumn Lover in California

With the surf and sand so close by, and the sun shining 24/7, it’s easy to feel that living in California is like finding yourself in a never ending summer. For some, this is perfect- it’s hard to complain about blue skies and sunshine. For autumn lovers, however, the everlasting summer vibes are less than ideal. They long for the colorful fall foliage, crisp air, and the freedom to layer their outfits without the worry of breaking out in a sweat! For all you fall-loving Californians, I give you my sympathy, and want you to know that you aren’t facing the following struggles alone. 

When you go outside and the leaves on the trees are still green. 

 Or if they do happen to change color, it’s pretty rare.

So unfortunately, your Instagram page won’t have super cute pics like this. 

Then you’re left to envy East Coasters like… 

Not to mention it’s STILL eighty degrees in October. 

Which means you’re stuck wearing your Rainbows for a couple more weeks. 

And you know that cute, slouchy sweater you just bought? Can’t wear it. 

Or you can, but you’ll have to risk passing out from a heat stroke. 

Then comes the realization that beanies are a no-go for covering your Day 3 hair (sad face). 

No worries though, it should start feeling like Fall in November… maybe. 

Naomi is a fourth-year, English major and Multimedia Writing minor at UCSB. She is originally from the LA area, but aspires to someday make it in New York as a web content writer. Cats, green tea and British accents are slight obsessions of hers.
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