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Selfie Stick: Yay or Nay?

Admit it, you’ve used one. And if you haven’t used one, you’ve seen someone use one – and you’re jealous.

In the age where taking pictures and selfies are normal part of our culture, devices like the selfie stick have become the new craze amongst teens and adults alike.

For the few who may not know, this is the general skeleton of the selfie stick:

The end clasp holds the phone into place, and is attached to the long stick base that can be elongated and shortened as needed. This is great for large group shots or to capture he entire background in larger settings.

However, not everyone is on the selfie stick boat. Some find it incredibly unnecessary and inconvenient, especially when those around them use it. “Selfie sticks are for narcissists who can’t get enough of themselves,” says Dinah Atkins, a 3rd year Sociology major at UCSB. “Plus, it gets in everyone’s way when you take it around in public places.”

And many public arenas have taken into consideration the inconvenience of the selfie stick. Popular festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza (as well as Walt Disney World in Florida) have all banned selfie sticks from their locations.

On the other hand, there are many selfie stick lovers who appreciate the concept of it. “I’ve never used a selfie stick before but I think the idea is pretty ingenious, especially because my arm only goes so far to take a selfie. It seems especially useful when taking a group shot, so you can include everyone,” said Ashley Hawk, a UCSB alumna and employee.

Regardless of your stance on selfie sticks, it’s the “new best thing.” It was listed in Time magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2014, and can be bought at almost any retail online store like Amazon and Ebay.

What is your opinion on selfie sticks? Comment below to let us know!

Julia is a 2nd year Communication Major and French Minor! She has a huge sweet tooth and spends the majority of her time watching Netflix, eating copious amounts of food (and spending copious amounts of money on it), and drinking coffee. You can follow Julia on Instagram and Twitter @juliaachunng.
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