Seb the British Bro

Name: Seb Daly

Year: 3rd

Major: Geography

Hometown/country: London, England

Relationship status: Single

Celebrity crush: Leo in Titanic

Hobbies: Football (soccer), travelling, surfing, DP

How long have you been here, and how long will you stay for?

Been here for 3 weeks and staying for the year.

Why did you decide to come to UCSB? 

Sun, sea, and forgot the final S.

What's your favorite thing about SB?

How the beach is literally a 5 minute walk away. You don't get that in London.

What is the biggest cultural difference you’ve noticed between the US and England?

Boys aren't friends with girls unless they want to sleep with them, which is weird.

Favorite spot you’ve discovered?

Sands beach sunset is a first date winner.

Favorite food here? What food from your hometown would you suggest Gauchos try?

A drunken Freebirds is hard to beat. IV would definitely benefit from some good English pubs and a chippy (fish and chips shop).

Best memory so far?

Road trip to Yosemite and first date on Sands.

Have you picked up any American mannerisms? 

"Bro" - I even say it in my head.

What’s on your bucket list before you go back home?

Want to travel as much I can whilst I am here. Last weekend was Yosemite, and this weekend is looking like San Diego with a trip to Mexico.

Why do you think other international students should come study here?

If you want the all American college experience, then this is the place to be. Amazing people and amazing weather make it insane.

Any last words?

Can someone help me with my laundry? I really am terrible.