School Day Backpack Essentials

There is nothing worse than a long day on campus, especially when that day consists of an 8 AM and a 5 PM class with weird gaps in between the rest of your classes all day. You never know if going home in between is worth it, especially if by the time you get home you have to turn right back around. For me, those days are Thursday’s, but by stocking my backpack with all the essentials, I’ve managed to make my horrible long day on campus a bit more bearable.


So you can listen to a killer playlist, and hopefully people in The Arbor won’t try and talk to you.



Have you seen the prices of food on campus? Ridiculous. Pack your own snacks and stay satisfied all day without spending 10 dollars on a granola bar.



Phone, computer, you name it. If you are carrying something that gets charged, bring the charger.


Reusable Water Bottle

Nothing worse than realizing you forgot this one at home.



Never know when you might need them.


The only textbooks/notebooks you need/ know you will actually use.

No point in packing your bag full of stuff if you know you won’t get to something. Save your back and shoulders the pain and only pack schoolwork you know you will be able to do.


Hand Sanitizer

25,000 sets of hands touching everything that you’re touching. Need I say more?



As the windy and cooler season begins, nothing saves you more than a good chapstick.


Hair Tie

Nothing worse than biking to the library, getting sweaty, and then having nothing to tie your hair up with.  


While long days on campus can totally suck, if you have your backpack stocked with the right things the day can seem a little less horrible!