Post Breakup: Do's and Don'ts

Sometimes relationships end.. maybe he did not like popcorn the way you do, or she did not like hiking with you, or maybe you just didn’t feel that “spark” of magic in your heart. Whatever the cause, it can be awkward to determine what course of action to take after the break up…

Who sends the first text or snapchat? Do you even continue to talk? How long should you wait to reach out?

While there are no hard and fast rules on this, here’s a few rules of thumb to keep you from some potentially uncomfortable scenarios.

1. It all depends on the length of the relationship.

If it was more than a year, it’s best to give it some space and time to breathe. Consider waiting a month or two before trying to reconnect, even though you may want to reach out sooner, it may make it more difficult to move forward.

2. Don’t talk the day after a break up.

You will want to so bad, just like when your parents tell you you can’t get a piercing so you HAVE to. But don’t. Like seriously, you will only be punching yourself in the gut.

3. Don’t stalk his social media!

In fact, it is probably best you unfollow it if this was a long term relationship. Even if he’s just out getting pizza with his friends and there isn’t a picture of another girl, it will still make you sad. Time to move on to bigger and better things.

4. There’s no pressure to continue a friendship after a break up.

People move on and that’s okay. Look fondly upon all the happy memories, be happy they happened, and get ready to make some new ones.

With spring just arriving, love is in the air! Move on from the past and make space for new possibilities!