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Pop-Up Thrift Shop at UCSB

On Friday, March 3rd, UCSB’s Environmental Affairs Board will be hosting a pop-up thrift shop in the Student Resource Building in the Multi-Purpose Room from 9:30-12:30. All items will come from donations, and will be free to all students. There are donation boxes located in Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Santa Catalina South, San Rafael, San Nicolas, San Miguel, and the UCen lobby. EAB is looking for donations of gently used clothing, shoes, and small knick knacks that you no longer use (i.e. never used reusable water bottles, novels, jewelry, picture frames).  

This event will help combat fast fashion, and help to keep things out of the landfill that will cause further damage to the environment. Production of clothing is extremely costly to the environment, and buying second-hand helps combat that issue. While there are many environmental impacts, this event is also great for those needing some extra space in their tiny rooms and closets, and for those that may not be able to afford a new shirt or pair of shoes right now. UCSB students and the environment both benefit!

Be sure to clean out your closets and drawers before March 3rd, after all it is a productive way to procrastinate! If you can’t find anything to donate, no worries, but be sure to still drop by to shop around and maybe find your new favorite piece of clothing!

Happy Thrifting! 

Lily is a senior at UC Santa Barbara studying Communication and Education. She loves making lists, minimalism, public media, and breakfast foods. Her planner is her best friend.
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