People are Announced "Dead" in Sudden Facebook “Massacre”

On Friday, November 11, Facebook announced a plethora of people “dead” on Facebook, including Facebook's very own CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

However, this was later confirmed to be an error in the Facebook system, but it didn’t stop people from looking up their Facebook profiles to check if they were victim to this viral memorialization of profiles. A representative from Facebook clarified that “a message for memorialized profiles was mistakenly posted to other accounts.”

This stirred confusion amongst the newly announced “dead” Facebook users. Although this sudden “update” came across as somewhat upsetting at first, many people took it upon themselves to take advantage of this opportune moment to make light of this depressing status. Many tweeted about their loss shortly after discovering the new Facebook bug.

Some responses however, were quite amusing.

However, this was short lived when the bug was fixed and everyone was brought back to life once again around 5 pm that day. A spokesperson from Facebook told Wall Street Journal about this risky mistake, and admitted this move will certainly be regretted. Though quite troubling at first, Facebook has spurred yet another humorous reaction from the media.