Overnight Oats- The Ultimate College Breakfast Hack

Creamy, filling, and ready to go… this hack has changed mornings of running out the door with a squished, crumbly protein bar in hand to savoring a balanced, satisfying breakfast already to go.

Image via cleanfoodcrush.com 

Overnight oats are my go-to for breakfast on busy mornings, or any mornings really. When you have the dreaded 8 a.m. or even 9 a.m., having the time to make breakfast amidst packing your bag for the day and getting ready is that 10 minutes you just don’t seem to have.


Overnight oats are the ultimate time saver because you make them the night before, in around five minutes, stick them in the fridge, and the next morning they are ready to go. The options for add ons are endless. Some of my favorite flavor combinations are pumpkin pie, chocolate raspberry, or peanut butter banana. You could say I have a tad of a sweet tooth, so having a way to sneak a little something sweet into my breakfast always gets my day off to a good start. If you search “overnight oats” in Pinterest you might be scrolling, for days, though the countless recipes they have. Other people have added maca powder, chia seeds, hemp hearts, yogurt, or even protein powder to add a twist to their oats.


Here’s a simple base recipe to use, and then add whatever toppings you like, it’s that easy!

  1. In a cute mason jar or bowl, pour ½ cup of oats (or however much you like) and add either water or milk (I use almond milk) to the bowl.

  2. Place in fridge. Literally, that’s it.

  3. Next morning take out of the fridge, and dig in! Add toppings if you desire.   

Image via blissfulbasil.com. 

If that seems to good to be true, I’ll pinch you because you aren’t dreaming. Overnight oats are the perfect solution for breakfast, especially in the summer when eating a hot bowl of oatmeal (yeah I love oatmeal) just doesn’t sound good. If you make your overnight oats in a mason jar or even an old jam or pickle jar, you can also take it with you to class.