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One Text at a Time

Does your phone ever sound like it is having a spasm as it seems to buzz uncontrollably throughout the day?  

Mine does when I have certain friends who send sometimes eight (or even more) shorts text messages in what could have been just one. Yes, I’m lucky to even have friends who want to talk to me, but I also need my mental sanity. I interpret these texts as eight separate messages needing my attention.

You can imagine my dismay when four out of those eight messages are “LOL,” “soooo,” “yeahhhhh,” and “omg omg omg.” This attack of messages should be preserved for only the most critical of times such as any major boy drama, urgent personal issues, or extreme excitement! Otherwise, in everyday conversation, so many messages has no necessity.

College is a constant whirlwind of a million things happening at once. This thing happening on the news, this assignment due in a week, an event with friends to attend only 10 minutes after your class finishes, calling family, and trying your best to remember where you last parked your bike. The last thing I need is my phone feeling practically like a back massager because it is vibrating so consistently.

So here’s my public service announcement to please consolidate your text messages to three or less, or else just give me a ring.

Or who knows, maybe my phone will find its way to the bottom of the Pacific.

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Hi! I'm a second year at UCSB studying history of public policy. You can find me hitting the gym, running by the beach, or trying out a new recipe from Pinterest!
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