Oil Pulling: Is It Simply a Celeb Fad?

So... what exactly is oil pulling? It basically involves sticking a teaspoon or two of oil, be it coconut, olive, or sesame, and swishing it around in your mouth for twenty minutes. Every day. Sounds pretty disgusting, right? Well, upon hearing about its purported health and cosmetic benefits, I decided to give it a try. After all, stars like Shailene Woodley and Gwenyth Paltrow swear by it. And, according to Wikipedia, the ancient process supposedly helps with acne, migraines, digestion, and even teeth whitening. 

I used coconut oil because I had a jar lying around and it seemed like it would have the most mild taste (gargling sesame oil? EW!). The texture was the most difficult part: it was slimy and solid and took forever to melt in my mouth. When it finally did melt, it wasn't so bad; there was no taste and it was just like rinsing with mouth wash, only for a lot longer. It was easy for me to get used to, but if you have a bad gag reflex, you might want to start out with 1/2 a teaspoon and work your way up. 

I've been oil pulling for a few weeks now, and I'm totally used to it. I usually do it in the morning and simply do my hair or makeup while I swish. Immediately afterwards my teeth feel super clean, almost as if I just came back from the dentist. On top of that, my teeth are now significantly whiter. If you're looking for a natural, chemical free teeth whitener - this is it!

Overall, I would suggest oil pulling as a daily part of your routine. Once you become accustomed to the strange texture, it's easy to do it while you straighten your hair or catch up on Instagram. Once you discover the lack of dental stains and the squeaky clean feeling, you won't regret it!