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Maybe this is the minimalist in me, but I go into a deep cleanse mode towards the end of every year. Whether it's clothes, shoes, room decorations, cards, letters, all the mojo from that current year-- I will collect in a pile, box, and either trash or donate to my local thrift store. 

My objective? Go into the new year with a literal fresh start by surrounding myself with things I own that bring me joy, remind me of good things, help me grow, provide positivity, and things that are kept to a small amount. 

That’s how I do it materialistically. Mentally and emotionally, I do a technology cleanse in any social network platform I use. I unfollow and unsubscribe from profiles and channels that no longer help me grow as a person. I get rid of social networks that no longer positively serve me, and I overall make sure that everything I surround myself with comes in good vibrations for the new year.

You see, I see the new year as this time capsule once the countdown happens. I immediately think we are being teleported into a new world, into a new time, into a fresh start. And this is important as humans. For a few of us, we don’t need the new year to tell us to start. But the symbolism of a new year is exactly that- new and fresh and another beginning. 

Here’s a few tips for a successful cleanse:


1. Start with your room- closet, desk, shoes, bedding, wall decorations, layout 



[bf_image id="9tqc27fh2b6rh4wp69ptxp9p"]

If you have not yet done this throughout the current year and feel the want to a fresh outlook and home environment, start here. There is so much that goes into one bedroom but start somewhere. Keep memorabilia that brings you joy and happiness. Get rid of the clutter and the keepsakes that remind you of bad moments or bring you negativity. Remind yourself what your intentions and the “why” behind why it is you still keep what you do and why you are choosing to declutter. It is so important to keep this in mind, so you do not lose sight of your objective and intentional goal. 

2. Car- organization, cleanliness, scent

[bf_image id="v66qvp2ksv4nkqqn6pf3mh4"] You know what it is! In between the seat cushions, under the seats, in every side pocket and container, as well as your roof and different storage compartments in your car. Throw your trash away, recycle those plastic bottles, bring those socks in, return that hoodie, wash that blanket, trash that towel. Bring some organization in there for your future self, Clorox and Lysol as necessary, wash the outside, vacuum the inside. Lastly, add a different scent in there! Be kind to your baby. 

3. Phone- contacts, texts, social media, apps, photos 

[bf_image id="6s8fbq835465pxfbprvrcwq"]

Send, transfer, delete, archive whatever you want to remember from the current year. Go into the new year with storage in your phone, with apps that are good for you, with reminders that will help you, text messages and contacts that better and benefit you. Even give it a good Clorox wipe down and change your wallpaper or password or phone case! New is the move. 

4. Reflection and mantras, mental practices for the new year, and manifestation of abundant blessings 

[bf_image id="4xfhrk86w7xm3z6x6fjjbp"]

Lastly and most importantly, internal thoughts. Really meditate or journal and reflect on this current year. Write a letter to your future self to read at the end of the following year. Make a list. Make some goals and commit to sticking to them. Send heartfelt text messages to your loved ones. Write some good quotes you want to stand by. Get into a strong and fresh mentality about what you want to manifest in your life for the upcoming year. Don’t forget to be thankful. For the good and the bad, that makes the unique rollercoaster of what your life is. Be thankful for what you have, for those around you, yourself, and the gift of life you are fortunate to live. And be sure to surround yourself with good people you want in your corner once that ball drops. 

Wishing you all a safe and Happy 2021!


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