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The Netflix Date Phenomenon

I am not here to criticize or admire but simply to discuss the concept of the “Netflix date”. That convenient little site is responsible for many regrettable hook-ups, and I bet you don’t have to think too hard to recall one of your own film-based sexual mistakes.

You know what I’m talking about – you’re talking to that one guy and both of you keep beating around the bush instead of actually hanging out.

Because we don’t go on dates here in Santa Barbara, that’s weird.

The guy is going to take one of two paths: that of the social butterfly, inviting you to his friend’s birthday party on 65 DP at 10:45pm the night of, or that of the “gentleman”, and invite you over for a nice little Netflix sesh. Why is it that you’re only being asked to watch Workaholics yet you secretly shave your legs and make sure to match your bra and underwear?

“You feel kinda special because it’s an hour before booty call hour,” SBCC student Jumoke Evans explains.

This is what we might call an indirect booty call. It is a method of getting your butt on the couch, which can be seen as sweeping you off your feet, I suppose.

“It’s the new code,” says UCSB senior Natalie O’Brien, who agrees with the consensus from every other girl I asked. A girl does not expect to return home before morning when invited over for a night of Netflix.

Even guys don’t attempt to deny the truth of this code. It is understood that when a guy says “Parks and Recreation”, his intentions may not be as pure as the unthreatening nature of the show’s humor. In the eloquent words of Isla Vista local Eli Simmons, when he extends this Netflix invitation, “…what he really means is, let’s bang.”

Why does it work so well? I can think of a few possible explanations. For one, it allows for some dignity on the girl’s part. At least there is a justifiable excuse for coming over at a questionable hour. One time, in response to my hesitance, a guy boasted of the quality of his fluffy blankets. They know how to win us over.

If you are actually interested in the show, I suggest you watch it alone, because it is unlikely you will get through more than the introductory jingle before the true entertainment begins.

Perhaps it’s because the scripted humor is designed to require little attention or background knowledge, making it easy to relate to and laugh at (or pretend to laugh at). Laughing together might seem like bonding, almost as if you had a conversation! And that means you almost have chemistry, so you might as well make out.

For those of you interested, check out the top 10 movies to hook up to, according to some dude on the internet who probably gets a lot of action.

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