Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Cold

It’s that time of year again where you can’t go through the day without hearing coughing, sneezing, nasally voices, people blowing their noses; you get the picture. If it’s not the people around you, it might be you. Unfortunately for me but luckily for you, I’ve already gone through the sick phase. So, I would love to give you some natural tips on how I get rid of a cold or flu.


1. Lemons are your best friend!

Drink hot lemon water every morning and anytime you can throughout the day. Also, infuse your daily water bottle with some lemon slices as well.


2. Gargle with warm salt water.

This does wonders for nasal congestion.


3. Raw ginger is great for a sore throat.

I suggest boiling raw ginger and mixing it with honey for some strong ginger tea. Substitute tea or hot water for all of your drinks if possible. It is extremely important to stay hydrated.


4. Raw Garlic 

This may sound and taste gross, but it does work. Swallowing raw garlic with water reduces fever and has so many health benefits. When it comes to how much is good for you, it would be smart to do a little bit of research. Everybody’s body reacts differently to this.


5. Sleep is the best medicine!

I know it’s hard to skip class, but it will do wonders for your body. We all need rest and sometimes are bodies become sick because we simply aren’t treating them right.


These are a few natural remedies that always work for me. I hope you try them out. Wash your hands, and stay healthy!


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