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My Puffer Jacket Obsession

Everyone claims that Santa Barbara is a tropical haven with beautifully warm weather all year around. While this may be true most of the year, if you are like me and anything below 70 degrees is cold, Santa Barbara can be quite chilly in the winter. Yes, full-time Californians are actually that temperature sensitive.

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Enter your new best friend, the puffer jacket. Ah! Never have I been so warm, protected from the wind, and always prepared for any drafty lecture hall. Not only do puffers come in a rainbow of colors, but they are also light and compact. Most even come with their own pocket to put themselves into, it is too convenient to resist.  

Puffers fit into the ath-leisure trend, mixing everyday workout gear with a chic, ready-to-go look. Throw on a puffer over a hoodie with some leggings and Nikes and you’re ready to go- cute and comfortable. While puffers may look thin and therefore not very warm, they are deceivingly cozy. They act like a built-in windbreaker while biking or facing the sea breezes we are so lucky to encounter in Santa Barbara.

If a full-on puffer seems maybe a little too much puff for you to handle, a puffer vest might be the right option for you. Although it leaves your arms exposed, you might be pleasantly surprised how a simple vest can make the ideal layer for Santa Barbara.

Now does everyone understand why half of my closet consists of puffer jackets?

Hi! I'm a second year at UCSB studying history of public policy. You can find me hitting the gym, running by the beach, or trying out a new recipe from Pinterest!
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