My Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands

Have you ever stopped to think about where your clothing comes from? After watching the documentary The True Cost on Netflix, I started to become increasingly aware of the impact my purchasing decisions have on the rest of the world. I had never really stopped to think about who was making my clothing or what their working conditions were, let alone the environmental impact of mass producing and shipping fast fashion.

Though I first thought shopping more sustainably would make it difficult to continue my retail therapy addiction, I have since come to really enjoy it! While thrift shopping and exchanging items at consignment stores is generally my first choice, it’s amazing to know there are fair trade, ethical, and sustainably-sourced brands popping up left and right as the world becomes more mindful about the origin and impact of our clothing. While ethical clothing brands tend to fall on the pricier side, investing in a few solid pieces that will last you through various trends, years, and seasons is definitely worth it. Here are seven of my go-to brands I love to browse when I am treating myself!

  1. 1. Everlane

    Simple and chic, Everlane has great staple pieces for professional occasions and casual outings alike. I personally love their jeans and sweaters and appreciate the quality materials they use. They follow a motto of “radical transparency,” researching the most ethical factories to manufacture their products in.

  2. 2. KOTN

    Great for basics, KOTN uses super soft materials and is even partnering with global farms to initialize 100% organic systems. While many fast fashion brands are urging their farms to produce the lowest quality and priced goods, KOTN has implemented guaranteed prices for their farmers to ensure they are paid fair wages.

  3. 3. ThredUP

    While this one is not technically a brand, I had to include ThredUP on this list. ThredUP is basically an online thrift store, selling second-hand items from well-known brands online. This is great for people like me who love to go to thrift shops but don’t necessarily have the time to spend hours rifling through clothing racks in stores searching for a specific size or piece.

  4. 4. Patagonia

    Flooding the mainstream market within recent years, Patagonia is known for their iconic fleece jackets and other hiking, climbing, camping, and casual wear that is fit for the fashionable outdoorswoman or man. Though you are likely familiar with the brand, you may not be aware of the environmental and social values they hold at the core of their business. Patagonia not only audits the materials and supply chains they use but also commits to supporting grassroots environmental activists working to battle climate change.

  5. 5. Outdoor Voices

    One of my all-time favorite activewear brands, Outdoor Voices sells super flattering, high-quality leggings, sports bras, running shorts, and sets. They used recycled polyester and prioritize worker safety, equal wages, and sustainable sourcing practices.

  6. 6. ABLE

    A leader in the ethical clothing movement, ABLE actually publishes their workers’ wages in order to promote fair trade practices. By being transparent with their business structure, they hope to encourage their consumers to be more mindful about their purchasing power and empower women by providing them livable wages.

  7. 7. Spell & The Gypsy

    I have to be honest: I have never actually purchased anything from this brand, entirely because it is a bit out of my college-student budget. But, their bohemian-style is gorgeous and I love browsing their flowy and elegant dresses and skirts that I may need to save up for some day. Their goal is to become one of the most conscious options for consumers, constantly researching the most sustainable options and sparking a much-needed change in the fashion industry. They partner with small artisan groups in order to support isolated communities and handmade craftsmanship.