Motivate Yourself to Use Your Planner!

Did you get a planner at the beginning of the year and didn’t get around to using it? A lot of the time we go through many planners to find the right one but don’t even make use of it… But, it’s okay because it’s never too late to start, especially now that it's the beginning of a new quarter! This time I want to give you some tips so you can try to motivate yourself to use the planner. 

1.     Crossing things out!

It’s always super satisfying to cross out things after you do them so why not do that?!

2.     You won’t miss a thing!

If you spend the time writing out all the tasks you have to do, and go by the list of them, you won’t miss a single thing (unless you don’t check your planner). From personal experience, I can tell you that I have definitely forgotten to study for a quiz or complete a homework assignment because it slipped my mind, but if I go by a list, I won’t!

3.     Be able to plan out things in advance!

Want to plan a trip or go to a music festival? Well there are no worries there if you use your planner and can see when are your exams and important events are

4.     Think of it as something that is positive!

It’s probably a considerable amount of work to write all your tasks in a planner but instead of thinking of it as a drag, think of it as something that can help you accomplish your goals so you’re more likely to use it!

5.     Reward yourself when you use your planner!

It may seem like a drag to use your planner but you can set personal goals and reward yourself when you accomplish them! Maybe you can reward yourself with a scoop of ice cream or something! Here’s the excuse you’ve been looking for to get or eat whatever you’ve been thinking about!

6.     Decorate your planner!

If you decorate your planner and make it look aesthetically pleasing to yourself, you’re more inclined to use and look at it which is what we are aiming at. Additionally, you can show it off to your friends too and get them on board.

Happy planning and have a great week!