Meet Jac, the Vierr-y Involved Gaucho

Name: Jacqueline Vierra

Year: 3rd year                           

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Favorite Netflix Show to Binge Watch: The Office

What organizations and clubs are you involved in on campus?

I’m the co-chair of CAB, the Associated Students Community Affairs Board; vice president of Communication Association, an association within the communication department that hosts professional events such as practice interviews and resume building workshops as well as opportunities to connect undergraduates with panels of alumni showing them a variety of paths they can take after they graduate; desk attendant at EOP, which connects first generation, low income college students with resources that help navigate them through college --- I got my start here my first year; marketing director for the Isla Vista Party, I design fliers, flex boards, stickers, and t-shirts for this passionate group of students whose focus is on marginalized communities having a voice; a student of the Honors Program of Letters and Science; an intern for Wild, Beautiful, Free, a company sells organic and vegan candles with a portion of the proceeds going towards endangered species such as lions, elephants and gorillas, in which I help expand the product line through social media and graphic design of the logos for socks, shirts, and hats.

Wow, you’re very involved on and around campus.  What motivates you to do so?

Honestly, my family. I’ve always wanted to make them proud; my mom has made so many sacrifices to help me get where I am today, so I want to make sure I am taking full advantage of my college experience.  I’ve always wanted to be successful and established so I can take care of my family.

How has your involvement affected your experience here?

It has made college such a positive and growing experience; I’ve been able to connect with such wonderful people.  I recognize people all around campus and some of these people I’ve met through my involvements are now my best friends.  I’ve gained a lot of leadership skills; learning what it means to be a friend and a leader that others will respect and listen to.  It has made college really fun; it can be stressful and busy, but having these commitments grounds me and reminds me why it’s all worth it.  I think leaving your mark on campus is important; the quarter system goes by so fast, so keeping busy is a good reminder to leave your mark, even if it’s just in some small way --- changing the landscape of the campus positively is worthwhile.

What are your goals for the future?

I would love to get my masters in some marketing program, Northwestern would be amazing!  I want to go out of state for a little, I’ve lived in California my entire life.  My eventual dream job would be to work at Disney; I thrive in a competitive work environment that challenges me to continue to hone my skills.  In 5 years I hope to be graduating from graduate school and living in the city, preferably New York City!

More specifically, what are some of your goals you hope to accomplish in your 4 years here?

Freshman year, I wanted to get involved in associated students, so I did a fellowship program.  I did a lot of community service in high school and I distinctly remember seeing someone wearing a CAB shirt here on campus. I was interested, so I emailed CAB to find out how I could get involved and I went to the first meeting. I’ve been involved ever since. I didn’t consider being co-chair until last year though, but I am glad I did.  Also during freshman year, I joined Communication Association because I wanted to be more informed about what to do with a communication degree and learn how to network; I went to the first meeting and saw the executive board and I was determined to be president by my senior year.  Of course getting good grades has always been a goal; however, my main goal overall has been to make the most of this experience.  As my last year is approaching, I’ve been looking towards graduate school. In my senior year I also want to successfully finish in the honors program, pick a research topic and conduct own research with a faculty advisor and get honored at graduation. Hopefully by winter quarter I’ll have a graduate school picked out. I want to make sure I don’t get lost in it all as well. College can be stressful and overwhelming; I’m terrified it will fly by and I won’t appreciate it and be in the moment, so no matter how difficult I want to make sure I can look back and have those fond memories.  Getting a career affiliated, paid job would be nice too. 

What advice do you have for people looking to get more involved?

In general, never be afraid to reach out to people.  When I was wanting to get involved in Associated Students, I thought it was this long process but by reaching out and asking questions and familiarizing myself with the structure, it helped me to transition into the role. People who are already involved are excited and enthusiastic to welcome others in. Do your research; all college campuses have a variety of organizations and you’re bound to find one that caters to your interests, so just ask around. Get involved with fun things, it’s a great outlet.

How do you like to spend your free time?

One of my favorite things to do to unwind is to get a delicious meal with dessert and watch Netflix.  I genuinely enjoy spending time with my friends; we all live together, so it’s nice to just sit with them and have tea and talk about our day and what we are excited and stressed out about. I love karaoke and just blasting music and singing aloud. I wish I could do more skateboarding other than going to and from class. I’m so glad I’ve picked up boxing, it’s a great way to destress and workout. Talking to my family on the phone helps keep me connected and I try to call my grandparents and sister more often.

What is one place you love to visit on campus or in SB?

Over the summer, I would run to the cliffs and watch the sunset near campus point.  I love seeing the ocean turn a beautiful teal. This is definitely my favorite spot, I wish I had more time to go out there more. 

What is one of your fondest memories here at UCSB?

One of my best friends put together a Halloween party for my birthday. Everyone came and even my best friend from home stayed with me that weekend. They made a board with my name in pretty font and had everyone sign it in chalk. I had never had a birthday party like this before, specifically a big dancing type of birthday party. It was the best!

All photos courtesy of Jacqueline Vierra