Meet Diego Cobos, a Member of the Theta Nu Kappa Fraternity

Name: Diego Cobos

Major: Political science

Relationship status: Single

Hometown: Rohnert Park

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and eating

Age: 19

Horoscope: Cancer

Campus involvement: Theta Nu Kappa

Aspirations in life: He wants to help people.

Why did you join the Theta Nu Kappa Multicultural fraternity?

I became a NessKuh because I saw a group of guys who were genuinely kind to one another and have meaningful bonds. I saw these bonds and they were not created out of superficiality but created by getting to know one another. Not only that but after seeing the true brotherhood, I saw the type of people they were as individuals. This was amazing because they are all involved in something that they are passionate about. And overall they are awesome people

What would you tell someone who wanted to rush?

I would tell them to come to our events, check us out, and see if they see what I saw.


How was the rushing process?

It was really fun. It was a challenge, of course. However, the NessKuh process from my experience is catered to make you a stronger individual and made to emphasize certain strengths that everyone has. Our NessKuh process is made to make a NessKuh.  

Who is your favorite NessKuh?

Luis Becerril. Luis was one of the members of my recruitment team. He really was an epitome of what a NessKuh is. He taught me about the fraternity and everything there was to know about it.


Where would you take someone on the first date?

I would take my date somewhere outdoors. I guess the cliche would be the beach. However other than that hiking or viewpoint. If I know them well enough then I would cater that day to that person.

What is the first thing you notice about a person?

Their smile and laugh, because I want someone who enjoys laughing as much as I do. Also, someone who can make me laugh and I can make them laugh.



I would like to visit the all of the states.

Any words for collegiates:

If you think you can make me laugh, then please come say hi.