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Meet Christopher Pierce: Gaucho Locos President and History Buff

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

Name: Christopher Pierce

Year: 4th year

Major: History

Hometown: Torrance, California

What is Gaucho Locos?

We are an off-campus student organization that loves UCSB sports, and we cheer on our home players with chants and heckle the other teams. We’re pretty much a part of the team because we’re there every home game, and we cheer them on all the way to the very end, whether they win or lose, and the Gaucho Locos hang out afterwards and celebrate a win, or grieve the loss over beers.

As President, how has Gaucho Locos impacted your experience here at UCSB?

It’s changed my college experience because I came into UCSB as a huge sports fan. With the Gaucho Locos, I was able to find like-minded people who had similar interests and a similar passion, and we were able to share it together and experience memorable Gaucho moments, whether it was soccer, basketball, or any sport in general. The more games I went to, the more comfortable I got with the regulars, and the closer I got with the regular people, the better time I had being able to reminisce on memorable moments in the game.

What’s the craziest thing that happened while you were with the Gaucho Locos?

The craziest moment for me was this year’s first round of the Big West soccer tournament against U.C. Irvine. At the last moment, Nicholas Depew made a 35-yard miracle shot, and UCSB won!

What do you love about UCSB?

What made me love UCSB was the beautiful campus. Being from Southern California, the close proximity to the beach really sold me. Additionally, the chill, laid-back, and community-oriented environment of Isla Vista furthered my love for UCSB, along with its great academic programs and professors.

As a graduating senior, what do you think you’ll miss most about UCSB & Isla Vista?

Long walks on the beach…Also, the funny people of Isla Vista, the beautiful campus, and professors that have made a positive impact on my educational career here.  

Mya McCann is a fourth year literature student in the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. She currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand and is in the business of running BKK. On the weekends you can find Mya either in the jungle or on an island. On the weekdays she studies Thai and Buddhism and teaches English to sex workers in the red light district. You can follow her adventures on IG: MyaJoy