Matcha Mania: 7 Best Matcha Deserts in SoCal


1. Midori Matcha and Cafe, Los Angeles

Midori Matcha Cafe is lined with delectable matcha pastries, drinks and, best of all, matcha soft serves. Located in Los Angeles, Little Tokyo, it is always recieving love from matcha lovers who need their daily dosage of green tea. Other than the famous soft serve, all the pastries are cute and fun, and definitely instagram worthy. The location has a bustling surrounding that makes it perfect to hang out and sip a cup of matcha latte while listening to the fast pace life of Los Angeles. 

2. Somi Somi, Los Angeles

Somi Somi has been popularly spread through platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. This super cute and fun treat is customizable with different toppings and different soft serve options. This place is any Instagrammers dream treat on a hot summer's day. The perfect matcha soft serve swirl is complemented by the fish waffle cone, and topped with customizable treats such as strawberries, oreos, sprinkles, macaroons etc. Somi Somi is known for thier perfection in their high quality yogurts and is sold at an affordable price of $6!

3. Matcha matcha, Arcadia

Located in Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia is a small station called Matcha Matcha, that serves delicious and refreshing soft serves. For a single cup, it costs only $5 and can serve two people. You can choose from a variety of toppings such as mochi and cake as shown in this picture. The place is located in an area filled with famous restaurants and trendy foods. Matcha Matcha is the perfect place for foodies to explore as well as shop while enjoying this green tea treat. 

4. Matcha love, Costa Mesa

This unique combo of a black sesame and green tea swirl can be found at Matcha Love Located in Costa Mesa. Though it is a bit ordinary at first glance, it attracts many tourists and foodies to its quality taste. If you want something simple, or you just adore the idea of black sesame and green tea on one cone, this is your place to go. 

5. Hooshik, Monterey Park

This Korean dessert is topped with green tea powder, almonds, red bean, and green tea ice cream. The base is a light milky shaved ice that complements the flavorful toppings of this green tea madness. At $9, a party of four can share this refreshing and light treat. It is not as dense as a soft serve and is definitely not as sweet as ice cream. It has the perfect balance of sweetness and does not feel as heavy as any other dessert that has been listed here thus far. If you are a person that avoids overly sweet deserts, this may be the perfect option. 

6. Salju, Alhambra

This fluffy and simple treat is esentially shaved ice cream. At $5, you can get a cup full of shaved green tea ice cream with two toppings and one syrup of your choice. The toppings range from a variety of friuts down to the toppings you see located at yogurt places. The most popular syrup is the condensed milk, which adds a perfect amount of sweetness to the fluffiness of the dessert. This treat is definitely one of the best in the area, and is made for those who do not like the guilt of eating a heavy dessert. 

7. Popbar, Arcadia

Popbar is a customizable gelato shop that allows you to choose your own base flavor, coating and topping. Though a bit pricey, running at about $5 each bar, the outcome is beautiful. The aesthetics of this ice cream bar can spice up any Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter any day. Other than matcha green tea, there is a wide range of base flavors to choose from. 

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