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Manifesting Your Success In 5 Easy Steps!

Whether you’re hoping for a good grade on an upcoming midterm, working towards being famous in the future or anything in between, there’s a technique that might make these goals more attainable.

Many of us have heard about the Law of Attraction and being able to manifest your own desires but what does that really mean and how does that really work? It sounds pretty crazy when you think about it. The phrase itself, “speaking things into existence,” just sounds like you’d be repeating things over and over again just so that the universe can put it in your path. Although that is the basic gist, it’s actually so much more than that. Celebrities like Jim Carrey and Michael Jackson have used this technique and now it is your turn.

1. Define your goal(s)

In order to work towards a goal, you must define it. Where are you trying to go? What are you trying to do? This could be as easy as getting a good grade or making a substantial amount of money. At this point you don’t need to worry about how you’ll get there, just that getting there is possible! Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars and dated it for years in advance, Thanksgiving 1995 to be exact. Not long before Thanksgiving, he found out he would make 10 million dollars from Dumb and Dumber. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT. (I’ll keep going so you can understand why)

2. Work towards your goals (Just repeating the words without work won’t cut it)

In the words of Jim Carrey himself, you can’t just visualize what you want or need and then go eat a sandwich. It’s hard work that really puts everything into play. Now that might seem kind of obvious but anyone who is working towards a goal knows that at times there are forces going against you. Sometimes it seems like things just aren’t working in your favor and that’s when you just keep going and continue to work hard.

3. Stay Positive!

How do you just keep going once it gets tough? Gotta stay positive! Chances are you’re going to come across a flurry of obstacles on your path to success. Whether it be your brain checking out after hours of studying, not getting the job after an interview, or not getting called back at an audition, know that you’re not alone and that these things happen. It does not mean you give up and dwell on what could’ve been. It means you keep going! You take what did not work, analyze it, find out why and work from there! I know this is turning into a rant about motivation but that is honestly what this technique embodies. You do your job so the universe can do its job.

4. Only give out what you want in return

This is where the law of attraction comes in. Your motivation and hard work is put out into the universe and that positive energy attracts positive growth. This example from a Huffington Post article written by Carla Schesser on the Law of Attraction helps explain the essence of it a bit:

“Think about two droplets of water that are slowly moving towards each other. What happens as they get closer? They eventually get close enough that they attract each other and become one droplet of water instead of two separate ones. This occurs because they are of like vibration. Now, think about the same phenomena with a droplet of water and a droplet of oil. No matter how close you put them together they will not become one with each other. This is because their vibrations are too different from one another.”

Once you are in sync with the right vibrations, you will attract the same. When you put out positive vibrations or energy, the universe does its job to help reciprocate these vibrations or this energy. The concept of like attracts like is basically the whole embodiment of the law of attraction. If you have a positive outlook, good will follow or vice versa if you have a negative outlook, bad will follow. The whole idea of being successful stems from the belief that you can and will be successful.

5. Dismiss all toxicity

Like I mentioned earlier, obstacles might appear on your path but that isn’t something that should deter you! Sometimes people won’t believe in you; who cares! The only important person on this journey is you and if you stop to listen to everyone else or every little distraction you won’t get to where you’re going. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accept feedback. That could be helpful but letting someone else dictate what decisions you make doesn’t help you get to that goal that we defined in tip #1!

Life can be taxing and many of us seem to put pursuing our bigger goals aside because we’re busy but if you master this technique you’ll be able to move onto the bigger picture and become a lot more confident in terms of getting there. Good luck and happy manifesting!

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Shante Boudaghi is a fourth year Religious Studies and Sociology double major at UCSB who is also pursuing a certificate in Business Communication and Law! When she's not dancing with her collegiate hip hop team, you can catch her teaching kids about the history and fundamentals of Hip Hop culture and dance at different elementary schools in the Santa Barbara area.
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