Loving the Single Life After Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day always screws me over. I see all the chocolates and cute presents people get from their significant others. Then even me, one of the happiest single people out there, suddenly starts to want a relationship. For a moment I want the romantic dates and the flowers and… It makes me want to puke just thinking about it.

Of course I want someone to give me flowers, but who doesn’t? For some reason Valentine’s Day gets to me, but after a week or two I get back to my normal happily single self. Until then, I remind myself why I prefer being single (which isn't very hard to do tbh).

It’s kind of like when you watch a rom-com and you wish you had a cute romance like the characters in the movie. In the moment, you think it would be nice to experience that. But when the movie is over, you‘re back in reality and don’t even think about relationships anymore. You remember that none of that cute movie stuff is realistic. I don't know about you, but I’m not here for relationships that don’t meet rom-com standards. I'm basically Emma Stone in Easy A.

When the rom-com effect happens to me after Valentine’s Day, it stays for a week or so. Thankfully, it never takes too long to go away because I know I’m happier being single. I like my independence. I like being able to focus on school, work, family, and friends. If I threw a serious boy into the mix, it would all be too much.

It's pretty cheesy, but I believe in college you're supposed to find yourself. I know myself, and I don’t think I can become the most confident, headstrong, and focused person I can be if I have to worry about some boy all the time. Plus, I can get a new crush every week and not feel guilty about it. I’m really living my best life.

It’s okay to want a relationship sometimes. If you’re already in one, it’s okay to miss being single. Just remember your reasons for choosing to be single or taken or somewhere in between. Don’t feel bad for the moments when you long for something else. The most important thing is that at the end of the day, you’re happy with whatever relationship status you have. 

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